Saturday, December 17, 2005

Our Lady Hobo

I'm listening to: The Calling- Adrienne

This weeks been pretty top. Monday, I went to the post office to send out Fry, Sohi and Scott's gifts. Then hopped by McDonalds with Daniel for a McFlurry and saw a REALLY odd needlepoint sign that said "Give us this day our McBread." Or something to that effect, and then I went to work.. yays.

Tuesday Daniel and I decided to go to the mall up in Spartanburg and happened across this little warehouse Flea Market and, thinking we were lost, we decided to investigate further. It was actually a really good find, they had tons of old gameing systems for really cheap and a few of the newer ones as well. I picked up a copy of Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition for my Genesis and Daniel got Primal Rage and something else.. I forget. I saw Jurassic Park there as well, I was really tempted to get it and probably should have too, for a buck and a half, you really can't beat that. I'll have to go back there sometime...

Anyway after that we made it to Tangled Web. Which I found to be a SEVERE let-down, though we did both pick up a set of Magic core sets each. And then it was off to the mall with us where we looked around for his parents Christmas presents and Daniel made the Burberry lady spray that le awesome perfume on me. After that we met up with Aaron who gave me some canvases and money so that I could do this painting for his ex-gf Safi. And then I went to Victoria's and bought a new beraaa. And then we LEFT.

Um.. other than that I painted lots, and then on Thursday I went out with Sarah, John, Ben, Tony and Neel and had a kick time. We went to Ruby Tuesday's in the mall and ate and waited forever for Honey Mustard and I made a paper devil on the tablecloth...

After that we went to Neels house were his mother and father offered us sacrifices of nuts, cheese and chocolate on the alter of hospitality. And we watched the Last Samurai.. Good movie. Played life... Good game. And then did varrious things, like standing in the kitchen, untill someone decided they were hungry. It was then that the quest began.

(At the resturant.)

We ventured into the freezing cold of the foggy night air towards Ben's car where I was to be the navigator. Problem 1. It took us longer to get there than Tony and Neel because I took the loong way there. But upon arrival we found the 24 hour establishment CLOSED. Closed with employee's inside and lights ablaze.. and thus we were pissed.

So we ventured back across the highway to the House of supreeme Waffles. Their food makes me sick though so I ordered a Hot Chocolate and a half slice of hot Apple Pie, which I should thank Ben for... with money, when I see him again.

Other than that.. nothing much more to tell.. though I think that was probably a good deal to tell. lol

The last Kitten.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

fun evening. the waiter must die. that honey mustard was a bit too watered down. yep, we're gonna hang out again soon!


2:13 AM  

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