Sunday, January 22, 2006

The world through Saphire glasses... and I see a moose.

I'm listening to: M.I.A.: Bucky Done Gun

Last night I did my Tao-Bo video... um.. and played some DDR.

So what'd I do today? Well I had off of work so I decided to enjoy myself and got up at the bright and early hour of 11. I then ate breakfast, watched an episode of Brainiac, and talked to Fry till about 2:15.

After that Daniel and I went to the mall for a bit to pick up my new glasses. Unfortunately I didn't just walk away with them, as always I spent way too much on other things. So what was the swag you ask? Well I came away with Pokemon Sapphire, Splinter Cell for Xbox, a game stop membership, dinner, and Shutterbox #3.

I know... Will power woman!

Anyway I have nothing else to say so instead I'll take up space with a photo of me in my glasses. Hopefully you'll agree that they're sexy. ^_~

Crazy like Cruise.



Anonymous Muffin said...

Those are sexy glasses. *Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.*

I'd like to see you in them, and NOTHIN' ELSE. KEKE.


1:30 AM  

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