Monday, April 03, 2006

Lost things mourn with bitter requiems.

I'm listening to: Jann Arden- Insensitive

Oh my ever loving god. I can't find my Merry and Pippin shirt ANYWHERE. I looked all over the house and giving it up for lost I decided to move my search online.. I found Frodo shirts, Legolos shirts even Aragon underware! But nowhere that I looked had even a hint of my very favorite hobbits. At one point I thought I had it... I was so close I could taste the cottony fabric. But it turned out that they were out of stock not to be sold again. The bitterness of that moment will run in my veins for weeks.

On some upside though I got in my Kangol hat today. I took photos. But for now you just get this one cause I don't have the GIF yet.

Has no clue what's going on.



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