Friday, April 07, 2006

Two Cheap Beds and a Microwave

I'm listening to: The Cranberries- Dream

I got my passport today! It's beautiful, what with it's little embossed blue and gold front and my not so horrible photo inside. I'm utterly thrilled and proud to be the holder of one of these little booklets. It means for me, that not only is one of the main hurtles of my trip passed but more importantly it cements things. I'm going. And yes, that somewhat scares me but I think that's part of the fun in it.


Seems so weird thinking of how close it's started getting. It really doesn't feel all that long ago that I started looking for a hostel and bought my plane ticket. And what's funny is that I remember Fry saying that it was going to come on fast and he was right, it seems like time's just flown along this past year. Though I think I'll find that that last month is going to take forever, either that or it will fly with me being as busy as I'll be.

Even if my expectations for it have changed somewhat I'm glad it's close and that I'll get to go. I'm sure everyone's tired of hearing me talk about it but they should be warned it will only get worse when I'm actually there. XP

Sostenedor del pasaporte magnífico.



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