Sunday, May 07, 2006

Only if you bring me Roses

I'm listening to: Akeboshi- Wind

Yesterday and today were really good for the most part. I got off work early on Saturday and then headed over to gab with Diana and Sarah about everything and anything as we hadn't seen each other since Christmas vacation. It was nice, Sarah had grabbed some pizza and we had a few movies that we could watch. We ended up watching Mirror Mask which was probably one of the trippiest movies ever. I mean.. it was good. But it was also one of those WTF moments for me.

Today Sarah and I went out to eat at Monterey's then walked over in the half rain to the mall to do nothing in particular. We ended up comming away with quite a few things though. First stop was Hot Topic to look for some seat covers for my car buuuut they didn't have anything there that I was crazy about. We did however find a pair of Nightmare Before Christmas floor mats in the clearance section (SCORE) so I got those and two T-shirts.

On the way out I half jokinly asked Sarah if she wanted to go and get her ears pierced. She surprised me by saying yes so spur of the moment and so we made our way over to the piercing place which was unusually cheap so she got her second and third hole and I went ahead and did my third. I'd been meaning to for a while now so the only things left on my list are my nose and upper ear.

I also had some random guy who was probably around 26 tell me he LOVED my shirt. (I had on the Anikin one today) I found that amusing as I was trying to help Sarah get in some earings at the time.

After the mall we went back to Sarahs to watch H, this Korean movie about a serial killer. It was an okay movie though I think it'd have made more sense if it wasn't filled with psudo-science and I could tell the actors apart. If anyone does want to see a good movie I'd recomend the Japanese version of Dark Water, I watched it the other day with Daniel and it was really good.

Anyway about the bad stuff... I got a letter from Charleston today and I didn't get in. It didn't really surprise me as such but I was a little disapointed. Anyway now I'm just really hoping that Anderson accepts me. I'd really rather not have to go to Greenville Tech, it just seems like such a cop-out. Oh well, if any of you guys pray then pray for me to get into Anderson.

Watching the River Run.



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