Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Ipod is whiter than yours.

I'm listening to: Hollywood Undead- Scene for Dummies

Let's see.. today I worked mooore. Afterward I drove down to the movies and hit up bed bath and beyond for some uber sexy towels with John while I waited for Jason. I think I may have to go back there when it's time to do dorm moving in, they had some cute things AND a poster holder big enough for my beautiful Shaun of the Dead crowing glory!

Then went to see The Da Vinci Code which was pretty true to the storyline save one or two things.. I do think they missed out on alot of the suspence that could have been used though. Or it might just be one of those things that you just have to read. Either way I enjoyed it!

Thankfully it wasn't raining on the way home.. I can deal with rain durring the day but at night... eh stretching it majorly. (Note-I still havn't fixed my windshield wiper. >.<)

So yup good day, and tomorrow I get a haircut! Yays! Photos will follow as you can be sure I'll cam whore. ^_~

Riddle me black.



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