Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ramsey did whaaa?

I'm listening to: KT Tunstall- Other side of the world

kt tunstall

I figured I should write something in here since alot's happened and I've so carelessly neglected to report. First off, my last loan to Anderson got declined so I never got to go there. But it falls into one of those situations that I always seem to have. You know one of those times when you expect and work towards a certain goal and then unexpectedly things don't work out but your alternative turns out to be the better choice. I've found that happening alot lately. Like when I went to London I expected, or rather, origionally planed to end up dating Fry. There are other examples but I won't bother with them, people have to have some secrets in their life right?

Though I wish I were at Anderson to hang out with Diana, I actually prefer going to tech here. It's free for one, and I'm saving a ton of money staying home. Now if I can just find a job maybe I can save up to move out. Anyway we'll see how that one works out.

Oh random. I redyed my hair today! It's bluuuuue again! ^____^

blue hair

Bling wha?



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