Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'm listening to: Muse- Supermassive

I've been having really bad dreams lately, a few where my teeth have shattered and I had to spit out all the pieces along with my blood and the others were each on some different level of disturbing. Such as being pregnant and not knowing who the dad was. Then there was the one where Diana wasn't talking to me, and a few more that I don't care to talk about on here.

There's alot of stuff on my mind right now, mostly why I'm such an idiot. I mean I willingly put myself through pain for no particular reason. And I like to confuse myself too. Masochism much?

Ugh, lots of changes comming up soon. I just hope I don't go overly depressive from it. All day today I was crying for well.. varring reasons. But I'm going to blame that on my hormones.

Anyway just wanted to complain a little.



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