Friday, September 22, 2006

Holy Ninja Lightsabers Batman!

I'm listening to: Blondie- Atomic

Okay so today I went to work which was bleh, but whatever it's got to be done. After was muuuuch better though, I came home for a bit and then went downtown with Paige, Adil and Rob where we ninjaed around this group of students from the governers school practiceing a play. This lead somehow into us climbing this impossibly steep hill which I'll blame on Rob. I almost fell about five times cause the dirt was so loose but eventually we made it up with only a few dirty patches on our jeans to prove it. After all that we layed in the street for a few minutes till a car came by and then we made our way to this pizza joint to eat.

It was good stuff, by the end of the night we'd flirted with a car full of lesbians, pole danced, jamed out to rock lobster, played tag and had a lightsaber fight at Walmart.

So all in all.. Good day.

Kiss me goodbye.



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