Thursday, November 16, 2006

Magically Delicious

I'm listening to: Breaking Benjamin- The Diary of Jane

I went to go see The Prestige last Saturday and I can't get it out of my head. Suuuuch a good movie. If you havn't seen it I strongly recomend it. I'll certainly add it to my DVD collection as soon as possible. Course as usual with a good movie I find an actor to obsess over and once again it's another British guy, Christian Bale. Don't know what it is about them but they make up my entire hit list.


I mean look at him! You can't tell me that doesn't make you melt just a liiiittle.

Christian Bale

Anyway so yes he's now on my list along with Ewan McGreggor, Matthew Bellamy and Matthew McFayden.

I tried to pick up the book today but we were out so I had to order it. *sigh* Anyway I really look forward to getting my hands on it. I'm sure it'll be an awesome read. *joygasm*

It's not enough to make something disapear.



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