Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Karma is the only hope for the world.

I'm listening to: American Hi-Fi- Flavor of the Week

Today was alright. I dunno... I got to see Michael today for a good bit today which I didn't think I'd get to do. So thats a plus there. I don't know I need to move out or something... Randy's been a complete dick about him comming over and he yelled at me when I got back in tonight. Blah I dunno they're always complaining about something or another. It's like their main goal in life is for me to do nothing at all.

Good thing happened today though! Mom found an old CD book of mine in the garage with all my really old mixes on it. I've been missing this stuff for years and didn't think I'd ever see it again but here it is! Seriously makes up for everything bad that's happened today.

So yeah overall mood for today is possitive. And this Sunday I'll hopefully get to spend with Michael so that'll be good and then school lets out next Wednesday! So yeah good stuff.

I'm such a smooth criminal.



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