Monday, February 26, 2007

The Doors, The Carpenters, Nine Inch Nails...?

I'm listening to: The Fratellis- Flathead

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Let's just start with some observations that I made today.
  1. Boost Mobil promotes stalking. Think about it, you know where they at. (For those of you that haven't seen the commercial. link)
  2. Streakers that walk are more hard core.
  3. Carols Mencia was right about Taco Bell employee's. They are retarded. I learned this one today when Michael and I went for lunch we asked for the military discount and they told us that they didn't do one and when we explained that they were on the list that we got from the armory the lady looked at us and went... Well you're in South Carolina now and walked away.
In other news I got two rats Wicket and Pepuri, both girls, over the weekend. and I think they're starting to get used to me. Once they trust me a bit more I'm going to start training them. They're supposed to be very intelligent animals, though I didn't know much about them at first. I think I've got a handle on what they like now though and I joined a forum for rat owners that's been very helpful.

I made some neat additions to my cage. Bought a few parrot toys for them and added the netting to the ladder as well as making this cute hammock out of a bandanna for them.

I've got a lot to read too... I went from reading almost nothing to having a huge reading list! Not that I'm complaining I missed it. I've recently finished Jurassic Park, The Thief Lord and the Prestige (All really good save the Prestige) and right now I'm in the middle of The Lost World and The Book of Loss. Next on my reading list are Next and The Namesake.

You can also add +10 to my geek stat sheet, I've been suckered into playing D&D miniatures by.. you guessed it. Michael. It's actually not as bad as you'd think. More like Pokemon with figurines. There's no serious geeky RP'ing involved and it's actually kind of fun so I'm happy to play. For those that are unfamiliar with the game you basically get to create an army and like most games you can either be the good side or the evil. I'm sure anyone who knows me can guess which I picked.. yup that's right! I'm making an Undead and Drow army and I actually got some pretty good characters in my booster packs including the large fang dragon and this epic angel girl, though I traded her to Michael for a bunch of Drows.

Hum.. other than that not much to talk of lately. I finally got my photos from England off my camera though and they're now on my computer so yay! I get to scrapbook. :D

Whew, I actually made a good sized blog this time. Hasn't happened for a while! But enough for now, there'll be more later!

Just call me Mina.



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