Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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I'm listening to: Jewel- We Were Meant To Be

Okay so awesome stuff! I might be getting this really posh job downtown working for this financial institute. Basically all I'd be doing is looking up info online for them, no dealing with phone calls or anything! Best part is... 12.50 an hour. I'm super excited and hopefully I'll hear something from them soon.

Monday I went down to this recruiting agency that Annie referred me to and took some tests (word, excell and data entry) and they called me back on Tuesday telling me they'd found that job for me but that I needed to come back for more tests. Well I went back and turns out I aced the tests! They were asking for 34 WPM and I came out with 53 WPM, and the analytical test went really well too they said they were looking for 60% or higher and I got a 92. So I'm really excited hopefully that'll be enough to get a call in for a real interview.

I'll have to go shopping for more officey clothes but I don't think that would be too much of a problem. I found some awesome looking 1930's newsboy pants at Express that I wanted to get but they're $70 a piece a little pricey for me but if I get this job I'll treat myself, mostly cause I don't have anything appropriate.

Anyway I'll update more when I hear from them.

Hitting the streets.



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