Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pass go, Collect $200 dollars.

Okay friends so if you want to keep me out of jail, and I hope you do, I'm going to need your help scrounging up 200 dollars.

Here are the details:
In January an unmarked car tried to pull me over for speeding, I didn't realize it was a cop so I didn't stop. Then I guess he called for backup and two marked cars came up so I stopped. Anyway they're trying to get me for failure to stop for a blue light and of course the speeding. Long story short they want 500 dollars by next week. I've got 300 so far so this should be easy.

Fushigi Yugi #4
X/1999 #2
X/1999 Sonata #3

The Post-Birthday World- Lionel Shriver
Portrait of an Unknown Woman- Vanora Bennett
The Sunday List of Dreams- Kris Radish
Left Behind >the kids< #2 (x2) #5

Donate 5 bucks or more and you can take your pick.

The "chip in" button above leads to paypal.


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