Monday, June 18, 2007

Goodbye, Hello.

I'm listening to: Numb- Linkin Park

I'm in Texas now, the trip wasn't all that bad I thought that the ride would drag ALOT more than it actually did. I met Courtney, this really cool girl, on the bus ride from Dallas to Edinburg and we hung out when we had our layover in San Antonio.

We thought we'd go look for food at the Riverwalk or something cause we had around two and a half hours to kill till our next bus came but we couldn't find anything open ANYWHERE. Anyway we ended up walked a good two hours looking and taking random pictures. Eventually we gave up and headed back where we started and ate at the cafe there. It was good times. We seriously appreciated those burritos.

After that we were the first one's on the bus so we took over the last three seats in the back and the two seats in front of that.. It was happy lounging for the next six hours.

So yup, things haven't been so bad thus far. I think I'm going to look into an apartment and a full time job back home while I'm down here and have all this free time. I gave it a good thought and I'll just be way too homesick if I move here. I've got too many people I care about at home.

The new plan is this.. work, take art classes on the side so that I can build up a portfolio and apply to some sort of art school, either SCAD or Ringling or something of the like. I figure it might put me in debt but at least I'd be doing what I wanted to do instead of some sort of cop-out career.

Clearly unrelated to fairies.



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