Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sometimes I have Unlucky Streaks... It gets better.

I'm listening to: Hanson- Mmm Bop

So I got a few things figured out... I've gotten the money for my moped and I think I'll have some place to stay till the dorms open up. I don't know the exact details yet but I've got a better idea now than I had before. I figure the specifics will sort themselves out.

So yeah, I was at Daniel's house the other night and we photo whored it up. So if it
pleasing you take great pleasure in photo.

We spent some time on Engrish.com too...

Besides that we watched a really awesome movie, it's called See you After School and it was hilarious. Trust me you don't even have to be into Asian movies to like this one.

The Angelic Anglophile.



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