Friday, July 27, 2007

Zombie say Rawar!

I'm listening to: Guitar Hero- Ballroom Blitz

Bridget and I moving in together fell through cause of lack of finances on her part but I've managed to find a place for myself. It's 450 everything included so whoot! Which brings me to my sole reason for posting this. I need stuff for my new apartment. Since my birthday's coming up I figured I'd just link up the things I want here in case anyone's at a loss for what to get me... Well half that and half that I want to remember what they are.

Rice Paper Lamp
George Forman Grill (at the store for 20 bucks)
Crock Pot
XTwo chairs!
XWorld Map Shower Curtain
Coffee Pot

So yeah pretty much.. just a gift card to Target. lol

Oh and these are some neat things from Thinkgeek just for fun.

USB Doorbell

LED Panel
Blue LED Faucet
Solar LED path thing
Microbe Soap Dispenser



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