Wednesday, August 08, 2007

But the goblins are magic!

I'm listening to: Aly & AJ- Potential Breakup Song

The surprise party for Michael went pretty well, I managed to keep it a secret till the end which if anyone who knows me is reading this knows was REALLY hard for me. Anyway we had a pretty good sized group together and other than the bill being ridiculously expensive everything was right on track.

The rest of this week is going to be complete torture for me, till Friday anyway, then I get two nice fat checks. I found out I'll be moving into my apartment right before my birthday, unless the people who put an offer on our house change their mind that is. Either way I'm starting to save up so I'll have a few months rent stored away.

Hopefully I'll still have enough for my plane ticket, I still REALLY want to go to Germany. I guess that's just another thing to put away for. I guess I should learn some German...

Planning like a partridge.



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