Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Living with me!

I'm listening to: 2BA Master- Double Trouble
team rocket

Daniel asked me to draw him a picture of himself as a pokemon trainer... it's kinda going slow. I'm not sure how to make it look like him and not just some random anime kid cause I want to keep to the original pokemon style not my own. I drew a few thumbnails and a full sized sketch but I'm not sure if I like it now. I guess I'll just keep going with it and then if I hate it I'll just go with another one of my ideas. I'll upload pictures when I get my scanner back from Michael. Speaking of I need to redownload photoshop... I'll get on that soon.

I've started getting some of the stuff that I wanted for my apartment! *joy!* Best part is all of it was on sale and everyone knows how much I love sales. <3

Anyway.. that was pretty much all I wanted to say. That and I've updated my wish list if anyone is still keeping up with that.

Time? My clock is broken...



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