Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So I was feeling poetic...

I wrote this on August 2, 2007 but I had no internet access so here it goes.

I'm listening to: Placebo- Sleeping with Ghosts

I got to fly first class for the first time today. It was kind of interesting sitting back in that huge plush chair with all the business men wondering why I was there. I felt very conspicuous there in my hoodie and jeans watching all the other passengers file past me to the back of the plane. I halfway think they may have made a mistake on my ticket but I didn't say anything and neither did they. And now after close to seven hours of travel and waiting I'm driving through the hills of Kansas, the rain is lightly spraying our windows ignoring the sun that's shinning so brightly behind me. I've already met up with some of my relatives though to be honest I only remember one of their names, our drive is silent though not uncomfortable. I'm quite content to sit in the back seat with my laptop typing out my thoughts and listening to my music but finally arriving at our destination wouldn't be unwelcome either. I'm feeling deep, slightly sad, content and glad for my friends and relationships.

I love traveling, the very act of it instills some sort of purpose to my life. When I'm traversing through cities, states, countries that I have never seen and have never seen me I feel more alive, different and filled with the idea that I can be whomever I want for the time that I'm there. Sometimes I pretend to be an obscure celebrity of some sort, someone who's working their way up, married, foreign, a novelist, animator. Whatever takes my fancy at the time. Not that I ever tell anyone anything different than what I am. It's a sort of internal acting that I take up, an attitude I try to project, a look maybe, nothing more.

But apart from that all is well, it hasn't been a hard day and we'll soon be with the rest of my family and I can rest and get a good meal in. What I'm more excited about than the reunion is actually going home, I have my reasons. I do think that the weekend will be good though hopefully I'll have more stories to tell about it.

What's a Lumox? I'll be one I guess.



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