Thursday, October 04, 2007

No catchy title... just weird shit.

I'm listening to: Sugarcult- Los Angeles

I've been putting off blogging for a while now but after tonight's weird events I HAD to write. To get you up to speed: I moved into the apartment at Nina's, moved out because she didn't provide internet or really any of the things she said she would. Got a new baby rat named Reepicheep (pictured below)Found an apartment with Michael, got a roommate. Got laid off at Costco because of redundancy's and that brings you up to today when I went for an interview at Best Buy. Which I got.


So after the interviews at Best Buy I went to see Michael from work. It'd been raining all day and as we left to go to my mom's house the back end of the car fish-tailed and we spun out and hit a curb which bent the hubcap and ruined the tire. As if that wasn't bad enough the police showed up shortly after but luckily we didn't get a ticket and the lady was really nice about the whole thing. So far, not so bad right?

After about an hour Michael's brother in law, Ed, showed up to give us a ride home and change the tire. THEN as we went to back out into the median we realized that the axle was actually cracked or at least bent. So we then waited for about two hours for the tow truck to come before deciding we were hungry so we went down the street to Jack in the Box.

Here's where it gets interesting. On the way back we were going to park right across the street so that we wouldn't be in the way but could still see the car. Michael noticed however that the hazard lights were off and Ed thought that maybe the battery had died. I had a bad feeling about it and we drove over to it to check things out. As we approached the car we could see some movement in the car which Michael took for a stray cat we'd seen earlier but then we saw our headlights reflected in a pair of glasses.

The whole thing caught me off guard but at this point we knew someone was in the car with all my stuff (from the move) so Michael and Ed jumped out of the truck and ran over to the car. Michael pulled this blond guy in a red tartan shirt by his collar from the back and I stared for a minute before starting to reach for my phone but the guy took off freaking fast as hell and was out of there. Apparently he only let him go because he reached for his pocket and Michael thought he might have had a knife.

We checked the car over after the fact though and it didn't seem like he'd taken anything but who knows I might just not have noticed. :( Anyway I asked Michael what he said and the guy said he was homeless and just wanted a place to sleep. I don't really buy that but whatever he was doing I know they scared the crap out of him.

So yeah, really eventful night. Got a job, totaled a car and we were almost robbed.

Hardcore huh?


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