Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm trying to be a big girl blogger now.

Skinny Ties, we've all seen them but who wears them anymore? Not many that's the problem. As a female male-enthusiast I'm going to put out my top 5 fashion pointers for you guys.

Skinny Tie
Anyway this piece costs about 100 bucks at but frack that, you COULD just try ebaying it for about 7 dollars. Saving 83 bucks. Priceless.

Pea Coat
This one's Kenneth Cole.. but pft who cares. You can get the same look, or maybe even better, for much less. Point in case.

Just an example. It's cute.

One word. Goodwill. Do it. Lookit what I got there for 8 bucks.

Sweater Vest
Your mom could knit you one, serious. Tell her to hold all the.. pattern though.

So yeah I did just google all those pictures. What you gonna do about it? Nothing that's what. Anyway I'm going to think about more for you later. Keep updated.

Geek-chic is in.



Blogger xCoatsx said...

Goodwille sure has been handy lately--that vest, bed, chair...wut next

anyway...I thought you said I should stop taking my fashion advice from blogs

does that mean I shouldn't listen to yours? hmmm

I want a skinny tie :(

1:29 AM  

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