Friday, September 05, 2008

Geekfest 08 was Cool.

I'm listening to: Basshunter- Dota

So D*Con was awesome and I got tons of pictures. There was way too much to talk about on here though so I think I'll just let my pictures speak for me. Buuut to give you the bullet points:

I was called a Frakkin' Nugget.
Touched by (and took pictures with) the BSG cast.
Met Johanna From Cruxshadows.
Listened to Voltaire for the first time. And liked it.
Said "So say we all" more times than I can count.
Went to some parties.
Danced like a "maniac".
Saw men dressed as Dawn.
Saw James Kyson Lee like four times. He was cool.

Pictures here.

Oh geeze.


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