Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Design to be AWESOME.

I designed a few rooms. The first is my bathroom that I'm going to be re-doing pretty soon here. I've gotten the curtain and the hangers but I've still got to get the rest of the things in place. I'm going for more of a summery bath house lux feel for the bathroom, hopefully it'll pan out this time!

The after is soon to come!

And for my friend Rachel's bed room. She asked for something sophisticated and with a New York loft feel, I'm still up in the air on the wall color but I was leaning towards a soft gray or a smooth yellow. So of course my first thoughts were to go more black and white with some punches of her favorite color, purple! So of course I'm not done with all this (I need her feedback for one) but I hope she doesn't think it's too girly. I'll have to think on it and do some editing. I'm not too happy about the bed atm I just threw that in there for the coloring but I'm having second thoughts.

Everything in both rooms was gathered from Target and represents the over all feel for the rooms, obviously I still would want to interject some personal items as well as some less mass produced pieces to give the rooms some originality but I think it's a good start to creating the feel for the rooms.

But anyway I should find someone to pay me for this. Or at least take me shopping to buy all their stuff. Either way it'll be good times. XD

The Fabulous Faux Fashionata.



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