Saturday, April 04, 2009

With great weather comes.. UPDATES!

I'm listening to: Lady Gaga- Just Dance

I've decided to take up new hobbies. I know, why? you may ask, you're already so diverse in your interests! Well my friends I've decided to venture into the unknown realm of outdoor sport!

In my search to find some way to exercise that I may find fun, I recently stumbled across my surprising answer. Disc Golf! For those of you unfamiliar with Disc Golf just picture real golf. Only for people with less money and extra Frisbees on hand. You've got a wire basket to aim for and I'll admit I'm pretty shit at it. But I did have a blast doing it and my legs hurt a bit from the hike the course takes you on so all in all my verdict is positive! I will continue to participate in the casual, deceptively active sport.


On another note Michael has lowered me even FURTHER into geekdom by reintroducing me to the world of comic books that I had forgone after my initial manga faze wore down. Of course you're all aware of my love for Battlestar and art and reading so it just makes sense that I would (without his help or not) be drawn into my local comic shop in this case Richard's, in case anyone would like to go there themselves, (it's fab)and pick up some more storyline! I've only just picked up Battlestar but last week it was The Amazing Spider-Girl and Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur. I'll have to admit my love for comics is back and going strong!

doctorwho amazing spider-girl

My third and what seems to be a seasonal hobby for me is Gardening. I've been planting a few things out on my porch (Zucchini, Squash, Foxglove ect.) just to brighten it up and give myself more reasons to enjoy the awesomely fresh air and lovely weather outside.

So all in all I'm a busy little bee and I'm trying as always to make myself a more rounded and Carpi Diem kind of girl!

Responsibly yours.



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